Genetically Modified Corn Litigation

A Swiss company named Syngenta released a genetically modified corn trait known as MIR 162 (Agrisure Viptera) into the U.S. corn market prior to approval by a U.S. export partner country.  Due to this infusion of unapproved genetically modified corn into the market, corn farmers all across the nation may have suffered a decrease in the price of their corn crops for the 2013 – 2015 seasons.  You can read more about this issue and its impact on U.S. corn in the following article and studies from the National Grain and Feed Association (“NGFA”):

Kelly, Durham & Pittard is pleased to have teamed up with a group of attorneys to represent corn farmers in Texas and across the nation in an effort to recover these losses due to the decrease in price of their corn crops.  If you or someone you know may have been affected by Syngenta’s genetically modified corn, please contact Kirk Pittard at (214) 946-8000 or for more information.