“I have worked with Kirk Pittard and Leighton Durham on several cases and can say with confidence that their big picture analysis, research, and briefing skills added value to the cases.  I believe having able appellate counsel assisting with the legal issues that come up in a case is invaluable.  Kirk and Leighton fit the bill.”

~ Charla G. Aldous
Aldous Walker

 “Working with the lawyers at Durham, Pittard and Spalding has shown me how valuable additional expertise can be regarding issues like expert motions, jury charges, post-verdict motions, and appellate issues.  Regardless of how much confidence and experience you may have, these lawyers bring additional value to the case in ways you may not have even thought of.  And it doesn’t hurt to let the judge know you have appellate firepower that can either backup or challenge important rulings that can make or break the case”

~ Steven C. Laird
Laird & McCloskey

“Durham, Pittard & Spalding has done an excellent job in hanging onto a verdict in a significant case for our client.  Their experience and appellate skills are the answer to a trial lawyer’s motion practice, post-verdict, and appellate needs.  As we know in Texas, it is hard enough to get a good verdict and even harder to keep it from being taken away by the appeals process.  Durham & Pittard helps to increase the odds of keeping those verdicts.”

~ Mary Alice McLarty
The McLarty Firm, P.C.