Alongside a good trial lawyer…

… is Durham, Pittard & Spalding, LLP. A critical perspective that often evades a litigator’s analysis is that of the judge. In trying cases, it is important to keep not only the jury in mind, but also the trial judge and the appellate judges who are often asked to review the trial.

Kirk Pittard and Leighton Durham formed this firm in 2004 to help trial attorneys maintain this perspective. Thad Spalding joined the Dallas office in 2013, and together they have assembled a team that, for almost two decades, has successfully provided trial and appellate support to trial lawyers in just about every type of commercial, personal injury, and family law case—including a case involving a stolen dinosaur—in Texas and around the nation. 

Justin Kaufman joined the firm in 2019 and manages the firm’s Santa Fe, New Mexico office, where he and his team’s trial court experience in wrongful death, product liability, asbestos, and personal injury litigation helps trial lawyers secure positive outcomes for their clients in jury trials and on appeal.

This broad range of experience, knowledge, and attention to detail makes Durham, Pittard & Spalding, LLP an essential part of your trial and appellate team.

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