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Significant Cases

Builders Recovery Services, LLC v. Town of Westlake, No. 02-20-00051-CV, 2021 WL 62135 (Tex. App.—Fort Worth Jan. 7, 2021, no pet. h.) (mem. op.)

As co-counsel for Westlake, successfully defeated solid waste operator’s challenge to Westlake’s authority to impose a license fee on all commercial solid waste operators within the town.

Kemp v. Brenham, No. 05-18-01377-CV, 2020 WL 205313 (Tex. App.—Dallas Jan. 14, 2020, no pet. h.) (mem. op.)

Reversed and rendered take nothing judgment on claims of constructive eviction, finding that landlord-tenant relationship no longer existed at the time the former tenant was locked out of the property, and no evidence that the tenant abandoned the property based on the conduct of the landlord.

Barbara Tech. Corp. v. State Farm Lloyds, 589 S.W.3d 806 (Tex. 2019)

In this hail damage case, the Texas Supreme Court effectively overruled the so-called Brashears rule to preserve a Texas Prompt Pay Act claim following an appraisal award in certain circumstances.  The Court was fractured with 5 justices in the majority, 1 justice concurring in part and dissenting in part, and 3 justices dissenting.  Justice Green authored the opinion of the Court.