Strategic Litigation Support

"NOTICE OF APPEAL":This is not the time to realize that you should have had appellate counsel by your side throughout litigation.

Time and again parties lose their case on appeal because the appellate court determines that error was waived or that the necessary record was not preserved for appellate review.

Preservation of error and creating a clean record for review begin the day you file or answer a lawsuit and continue through post-judgment motions.  Error preservation comes in the form of pleadings, discovery, motions, fact witness testimony, expert testimony, documentary evidence, objections, the jury charge, orders, and judgments, to name a few.

As appellate lawyers, we will be by your side throughout your case to preserve your record for appellate review.  Additionally, we work with trial counsel, considering and analyzing appropriate strategy to incorporate throughout litigation to prepare the case for trial and appeal.  We will present your case on appeal with thoroughness, diligence, and persuasiveness.

It takes substantial time to research and prepare substantive motions, motions for summary judgment, challenges to experts, federal removal/remands, a jury charge, and appellate briefs.  With appellate counsel bearing this load for you, you will have time to pursue that last bit of discovery, prepare a witness for testimony, or fine tune your case for trial.  Working together, we can add quality and value to your case.

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