Whether you need help with a challenging motion for summary judgment (or any motion for that matter), or you are looking for someone to walk the path with you from case filing through trial and beyond, there is no better choice than Kirk Pittard and his firm. I know personally the skill they bring to the table and the peace that can bring to the trial team.  If you are thinking about adding Durham, Pittard & Spalding to your team, stop thinking and do it.  Your clients will thank you.

~Will Adams, Will Adams Law Firm, Katy

Kirk Pittard is my go-to when I need help on appellate questions.  I know he and his firm will look at the issues rationally and strategically to maximize the chances of a win.   They are reliable, calm, and smart as can be.  They are first-picks when I’m creating my team.

~Ellen Presby, Dallas

I regularly associate Kirk Pittard and the firm of Durham, Pittard & Spalding at the beginning of my major lawsuits.  This puts the defense counsel on notice that our trial team is fully staffed to engage in a heavy motion practice, and it assures the court that we can successfully defend or appeal the court’s rulings that matter.  It also gives me the comfort of knowing that Kirk and his firm are ready to spring into action, without having to be brought up to speed.  The alternative fee arrangements that Durham, Pittard & Spalding offers makes it easy to associate them from the beginning of the lawsuit through trial.

~Randy Roberts, Roberts & Roberts, Tyler

Durham, Pittard & Spalding has done an excellent job in hanging onto a verdict in a significant case for our client.  Their experience and appellate skills are the answer to a trial lawyer’s motion practice, post-verdict, and appellate needs.  As we know in Texas, it is hard enough to get a good verdict and even harder to keep it from being taken away by the appeals process.  Durham, Pittard & Spalding helps to increase the odds of keeping those verdicts.

~Mary Alice McLarty, The McLarty Firm, P.C.

Kirk and his team are the trial lawyers’ lawyers and is always my first call when facing legal issues my law firm needs help navigating. He is tenacious, fierce and aggressive and can go toe-to-toe against any adversary.  This is one firm you always want in your corner.

~Jeffrey Rasansky, Dallas

For years now, our firm has turned to Kirk Pittard and his team to help us fight the fight for our clients. No matter what court, no matter what county, they provide us with brilliant analysis of every legal issue that may arise. Their long impressive resume of important legal victories has made us feel comfortable that we are in the best hands . In fact, we have referred numerous other law firms to Kirk for assistance with their trial and appellate issues that always arise in litigation. For you and your clients, there is no better lawyer or firm to partner with on your cases. 

~Loren Klitsas, Houston

DP&S has consistently done exceptional work for our firm. On top of providing appellate briefing that always outperforms opposing counsel’s, DP&S has helped us to secure favorable arbitrability rulings, uphold discovery orders on mandamus review, and craft litigation strategy around thorny coverage issues. They’ve become a go-to for our firm on all cases that reach appeal or appear likely to do so. We highly recommend them for any case that merits intensive legal research or briefing.

~Mark Wham, Rene Rogers, and Ryan Wham, Wham & Rogers, PLLC, The Woodlands

Working with appellate counsel is a must for the kind of high-stakes litigation my firm handles every day, and the team at Durham, Pittard & Spalding is the appellate counsel you want on your side.  They have the intelligence, skill, work ethic, and determination to move cases through verdict and beyond with success, and they have earned our trust.

~Michael Lyons, Lyons & Simmons LLP, Dallas

Durham, Pittard, and Spalding are the ‘Go To’ team for strategic litigation support and appeals. They have provided assistance from preparing and arguing pretrial motions to drafting ‘high low’ agreements, jury charges, and everything in between. Their success on appeals is unparalleled. When I needed help on a tough legal issue on a case involving a close family member, I trusted Durham, Pittard, and Spalding to come up with the winning argument.

~Bill Liebbe, The Liebbe Firm, P. C., Dallas

I often retain the attorneys at Durham, Pittard & Spalding for specific research and briefing projects and for co-counsel arrangements on complex personal injury cases.  They bring an insight to the case with an eye towards a potential appeal that ultimately adds value to the case by positioning the case for an appeal or by avoiding an appeal altogether.  I definitely would recommend them to other trial attorneys for litigation support at the trial level as well as for handling cases on appeal.

~Coby Wooten, Fort Worth

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