I have worked Kirk Pittard and Thad Spalding on several of our high-profile cases and they are a huge asset to the case.  Their motion practice and attention to appellate issues during the litigation and trial phases has allowed us to succeed on multiple occasions.  Kirk and Thad are very responsive and I would highly recommend them as appellate counsel.

~Oscar Garza, San Antonio

I personally, and others in my firm have used Durham, Pittard & Spalding for appeals and as appellate counsel during important trials for many years. Without a doubt they, are our go to appellate counsel. In each instance where I’ve retained the firm for appellate purposes, they have provided exemplary service. Their advice and guidance on appellate matters is invaluable, as is the message sent to the judge and opposing counsel when you arrive for trial with appellate counsel. I highly recommend Durham, Pittard & Spalding.

~Ray Hatcher, Sloan Firm, Longview

I have worked with Kirk and his firm for over 15 years, ever since he convinced the Amarillo Court of Appeals to reverse a summary judgment that had been granted against my client.  I never hesitate to contact Durham, Pittard & Spalding any time I have a legal issue I want researched, analyzed and briefed to assist me in the representation of my clients.  I will continue to use the firm and rely upon their expertise for cases at the trial level and on appeal in the future.

~Juan Hernandez, Hernandez Law Group, PC, Dallas

I think the lawyers at DP&S are the best. They’re always available to help and never too busy to say no, whether it’s a quick question, drafting a charge, MSJ response, or showing up at the courthouse when needed.

~Felix Gonzalez, Felix Gonzalez Law Firm, P.C., San Antonio

Working with Kirk has been a wonderful partnership that we’ve utilized when needed.   The work ethic, depth of their knowledge, and the value they bring to cases has been a real asset for us in those cases.  They are stand-up lawyers and professionals that you want to be standing shoulder to shoulder with.

~George Salinas, George Salinas Injury Lawyers, San Antonio

Our attorneys have worked with Kirk, Dana, Shelby, and Thad at DP&S on many large cases this past decade. On some we contacted DP&S on short notice for dispositive motion hearings where we wanted to leave no doubt we already had excellent appellate counsel engaged to preserve error and appeal if needed.  The attorneys at DP&S have always been there for us no matter the notice, location, or situation, to team up and give our clients the best advice and representation where an appeal could result.  DP&S also recently assisted our firm in affirming the denial of a plea to the jurisdiction in a very tough premises case.  DP&S has earned our trust and will earn yours as well. We highly recommend the attorneys of DP&S.

~George A. Boll, Juneau, Boll & Stacy, PLLC, Addison

The men and women at Durham Pittard are such assets to your trial team, I do not try a large damages case without their appellate guidance and advice.  They take care of the motion practice and pre-trial heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on what you do best, advocate for your client in depositions and in trial.  Having them at pre-trial to argue motions and the charge is such a game changer, and I firmly believe they add tremendous value to the bottom line of your case.  I highly recommend this law firm for your trial support needs.

~Rachel Montes, Montes Law Group, Irving 

Working with the lawyers at Durham, Pittard and Spalding has shown me how valuable additional expertise can be regarding issues like expert motions, jury charges, post-verdict motions, and appellate issues.  Regardless of how much confidence and experience you may have, these lawyers bring additional value to the case in ways you may not have even thought of.  And it doesn’t hurt to let the judge know you have appellate firepower that can either backup or challenge important rulings that can make or break the case.

~Steven C. Laird, Laird & McCloskey

Our law firm has worked with Kirk, Leighton, Thad and their team for over 10 years.  From jury charge conferences and throughout the appellate process, they have been there with their tenacious expertise.  Their creative approach assisted our firm in securing a $20 million settlement in a complex construction defect and fraud matter, created positive case law concerning Chapter 74 reports, and we are currently working with them on other matters.   Their work allows us to focus on the trial process and we always know they have our back!

~Jorge A. Herrera, The Herrera Law Firm, San Antonio

I’ve tried several cases with Kirk and his firm and they are my go-to-appellate counsel for all issues big and small. Having them sit with me through trial and on appeal gives me the confidence to know that I can focus on representing my clients and that Kirk and his team will help make sure that I’m protecting the record. They are excellent trial and appellate counsel and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

~Kevin M. Camp, Roven Camp, PLLC, Houston

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