Difficult legal issues oftentimes arise when representing persons in catastrophic injury situations, calling for thinking outside the box.  With their appellate expertise and experience in the trial trenches, the attorneys at Durham, Pittard & Spalding are great at doing just that.  We have relied upon them to assist with researching, analyzing, and briefing complex legal issues in preparation of our trial strategies.  DP&S has helped us get excellent results for our clients.

~Beto L. Guerrero, Mask & Guerrero, McAllen

Thad’s knowledge and guidance have been invaluable to my trial practice.  His understanding of the issues and potential responses has been an asset over the years.  I cannot imagine a serious litigation matter where I would not involve his firm.

~Brian Steward, The Law Office of Brian C. Steward, P.L.L.C., San Antonio

I cannot think of a better lawyer in the state of Texas. Working with Kirk Pittard on several different cases has been extremely helpful. Kirk’s ability to help analyze the case and do the work is difficult to come by. He shows up when you need him. Kirk has been very involved in two of my big cases and I really appreciate his involvement.

~Michael A. Simpson, Simpson, Simpson & Tuegel, Bridgeport

I have worked with Kirk Pittard and Leighton Durham on several cases and can say with confidence that their big picture analysis, research, and briefing skills added value to the cases.  I believe having able appellate counsel assisting with the legal issues that come up in a case is invaluable.  Kirk and Leighton fit the bill.

~Charla G. Aldous, Aldous Walker

The attorneys at Durham, Pittard and Spalding are well-versed in the law, and have been instrumental in helping us to navigate the appellate pitfalls in medical malpractice cases and commercial litigation as well.  This demonstrates their versatility and willingness to take on the tough issues.  More than that, they are willing to get ‘in the trenches’ when called upon to do so, and bring value with every involvement.  I will continue to count them as members of my team.

~Todd Kelly, The Carlson Law Firm, Austin

The days of handling major civil lawsuits by one’s self are over. The expertise of appellate attorneys is almost mandatory. Durham, Pittard & Spalding are the best of the best. Don’t leave the office without them.

~Al Ellis, Sommerman, McCaffity, Quesada & Geisler, L.L.P., Dallas

Durham, Pittard & Spalding has always come through for us when we want assistance with research, writing, and tackling difficult legal issues that we use to assist us with litigating and trying complex personal injury cases.  I will never hesitate to contact them when the need arises.

~Bob Haslam, The Haslam Firm, Fort Worth  

Whether dealing with complex appellate issues or preparing for trial, there’s no other firm I would rather work with.  Thad Spalding and the team of Appellate Lawyers at Durham, Pittard & Spalding, LLP have been instrumental in having a number of controversial rulings reversed and likewise have worked extremely hard to ensure that favorable rulings were not reversed, and bad law was not created.  Having a team of Appellate counsel with trial experience as part of the trial team adds value to the services we offer to our clients.   I know of no other Appellate Counsel I would rather have on my side when it’s fourth down and goal with one second remaining on the clock and all we need is a score to win the game.  The team at DPS works extremely well under pressure and with the cases we handle, that’s needed. From voir dire to jury verdicts, having a great team of Appellate Attorneys sitting at the table adds benefits.

~Daryl K. Washington, Washington Law Firm,  P.C., Dallas

We have had the privilege of working with Durham, Pittard & Spalding on multiple matters requiring appellate briefing and legal research/analysis in both Texas and New Mexico.  There is no one more experienced, respected, or passionate in what they do. In addition to having the security of top-notch appellate counsel when dealing with opposing counsel and judges, their involvement in a matter brings value to the case. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

~Stephen W. Stewart, The Stewart Law Firm, Austin

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